Financial Goals and Values: A Study of Financial Literacy in Canada

Canadians have many priorities in their lives, which reflect the values that they hold dearest. But what are their values and their goals, and are different age groups meeting their own expectations?

We wanted to find out more about the financial goals and priorities of Canadians, their values surrounding money, what financial topics they want to more know about and who they turn to for trusted information. Answering some of these questions is important as Canada moves towards implementing its first-ever National Strategy on Financial Literacy.

The Canadian Bankers Association commissioned Abacus Data, a leading Canadian research firm, to find out more. The results of this wide-reaching and fascinating study will help financial services providers better serve Canadians and assist the financial literacy community in delivering programs that meet the needs of a variety of groups in a digital age.

The full polling results can be found here.

For an analysis of the polling results, Abacus Data has created the following reports:

  1. Financial Goals and Know-How
  2. Our Values & Our Money
  3. How Financially Literate are Canadians?
  4. Trust and Sources of Information