Based in Toronto with several regional offices across the country, the Canadian Bankers Association currently employs approximately 60 staff. Employment positions at the CBA — full-time, part-time and contract — come up on a regular basis.

Working in Financial Services

If you are interested in working for a bank, you should contact individual banks directly to determine available job opportunities or submit your resume to a bank's Human Resources department. The major banks' websites have employment information.

Interested in learning more about careers in the financial services sector? A career in the financial services industry can be rewarding and banks and other financial institutions offer many different types of career options. The Centre of Excellence in Financial Services Education of the Toronto Financial Services Alliance has tools to help you investigate options that may suit your career interests in the financial services industry, profiles of 34 roles for which sector employers have indicated a need for talent, and guidance on education programs that are available to train for these positions.

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