The CBA is a proud supporter of Dementia Friends Canada, an initiative to support the growing number of Canadians living with dementia.

Through its website, video and social media engagement, the initiative will help Canadians become more aware of the small things they can do to help, including simple actions like being patient, speaking slowly and calmly, and asking short, simple questions, which can help someone living with dementia feel connected and supported.

The Dementia Friends Canada initiative, launched by the Alzheimer Society of Canada with funding from the Public Health Agency of Canada, has created a video to help spread the word about what Canadians can do to help. More information about the initiative can be found on the Dementia Friends Canada website.

The CBA and banks are very aware of the growing incidence of financial abuse of vulnerable people, including those with dementia, and banks play an important role in raising awareness on the issue, including what their clients can do to protect themselves from financial abuse.

More information about steps to take to prevent financial abuse can be found on our website and through the Your Money Seniors financial literacy seminar program created by the CBA in partnership with the Financial Consumer Agency of Canada. The free financial abuse prevention seminars are available across Canada and seniors’ groups can request a seminar at any time.