The CBA is turning 125! Test your knowledge of Canadian banking history.

  1. Canada’s first bank was founded on June 23, 1817 and opened on November 3, 1817. Which bank was it?
  2. The CBA was founded on December 17, 1891 in which Canadian city?
  3. In which year did Shirley Giles and Gladys Marcellus, both employees of The Bank of Nova Scotia, become the first women branch managers in Canadian history?
  4. The Chargex credit card was jointly introduced by Toronto-Dominion Bank, The Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce, The Royal Bank of Canada and The National Bank of Canada in:
  5. The Royal Bank of Canada was the first Canadian financial institution to install automated tellers in 1972 which were called:
  6. The first national ABM network was launched by founding members CIBC, RBC, TD Bank, The Bank of Montreal, The Bank of Nova Scotia, and Caisse Desjardins. It was called:
  7. Interac Direct Payment (IDP), which allows customers to electronically debit their chequing or savings account to pay for purchases at retail outlets, was launched in:
  8. In 2007, banks and the major credit card associations begin to introduce this technology for debit and credit cards: