Credit Counselling Canada and the Canadian Bankers Association have collaborated to provide Canadians with a simple way to assess their financial health and find help if they need it.

The Debt Money Quiz, a simple "Yes" or "No" questionnaire, asks users a series of questions about their finances. The assessment covers preparing and sticking to a budget, relying on credit for everyday expenses and making minimum payments on credit cards.

Debt Assessment Quiz starts the conversation

Money and debt problems usually develop over time. Recognizing the warning signs and getting help early can make a big difference, which is why Credit Counselling Canada and the Canadian Bankers Association joined forces to launch the Debt Money Quiz.

Banks support for credit counselling

Banks have long supported non‑profit credit counselling agencies and the good work that they do to assist Canadians who need help managing their money.

Banks do not want to see their customers in financial difficulty and provide a number of resources and supportive measures to assist those who might need help in managing their money.

Individuals who are struggling are encouraged to talk to their bank and other creditors to find out their options. For example, banks may be able to help by providing advice, debt counselling and flexible loan repayment arrangements. They may also refer customers to a non‑profit credit counselling agency if they feel it would be helpful.

Looking for love in all the wrong places

Romance scams are among the most common scams according to the Canadian Anti‑Fraud Centre, costing Canadians more than $50.3 million in losses in 2023.

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