Banks have a multi-step process in place to help resolve complaints or problems. Should you encounter a problem with a particular financial product or service, refer to the steps below to settle your dispute.

Step one

Talk to someone in your branch or service centre first. A customer service representative might be able to help you and resolve your concern. You can also ask to speak with a supervisor or manager. Your first contact with the bank has information on the bank's complaint-handling process.

Step two

If the issue has not been resolved to your satisfaction, find out from your bank what to do next. Banks have information outlining the process for dealing with complaints, including contact information, in their branches and on their website. In some cases, the next step is to escalate your complaint to an area manager, local executive office or customer care centre. Ask a representative or manager at your branch/service centre for the number or address of who you should contact.

Step three

If the problem still can’t be settled to your satisfaction, contact your bank’s senior designated officer or employee (for example, a Chief Complaints Officer) responsible for handing complaints, who is outside of the product areas of the bank. This officer helps customers resolve disputes with their bank. Contact information can be found on your bank’s website. For website links for CBA member banks, visit our Member Bank page.

Banks have 56 days to deal with your complaint (starting after the day on which the complaint is received). You can also bring your issue to the external complaints body used by your bank (see step four).

Step four

Contact an external complaints body. There are two government-approved independent bodies that investigate complaints from individuals and small businesses about products and services provided by banks. The objective of these services is to provide impartial and prompt resolution of complaints and they are available free of charge.

The two independent bodies that investigate complaints are the Ombudsman for Banking Services and Investments (OBSI) and ADR Chambers Banking Ombuds Office. Before you contact the OBSI or ADR Chambers you should first try to resolve your complaint directly with your bank.

Contact your bank or check their website to determine which independent body handles their customer’s complaints.

The contact information for the two government‑approved independent bodies that investigate complaints are:

ADR Chambers Banking Ombuds Office at 1‑800‑941‑3655 or

Ombudsman for Banking Services and Investments (OBSI) at 1‑888‑451‑4519 / 416‑287‑2877, e-mail: or

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