Not sure whether someone is contacting you for legitimate business reasons? Ask yourself these questions:

  1. Is someone asking for personal or financial information over the phone, email or via text? Your bank would never call you on the phone or contact you via email to ask for personal information or details about your bank accounts, passwords, credit cards etc. They already have that information.
  2. Has someone requested your PIN number or password? A bank or service provider will never contact you and ask you for your passwords or hints about your passwords… (i.e. you mother’s maiden name)
  3. Do you have cheques or a new credit card that didn’t arrive in your mailbox? Someone may have taken your mail and could have access to what’s in there.
  4. Is someone asking you for full payment for goods or services up front? Never wire someone money you don’t know for a service or item you haven’t received yet.
  5. Are you being pressured to act now? If someone is pressuring you to act right away, it’s a sign this might not be legitimate. Take your time and do not send money or provide information until you’re sure someone is not trying to scam you.

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