Fraud is everywhere and online criminals are experts at trying to trick you into falling for their scams. A new resource, created by the Canadian Bankers Association on behalf of banks in Canada, is dedicated to equipping you with the necessary tools and practical strategies to protect against scams, identify fraud, and strengthen your cyber defences.

The CBA’s Cyber Safety website at includes interactive quizzes, tips for recognizing questions a bank will never ask their customers, resources for small businesses, and detailed educational toolkits. All materials are available in English and French and are complemented by the CBA’s Fraud Prevention Tip newsletter for Canadians on how to spot the latest fraud and scams.

cyber security microsite

Strengthening cyber security is more important than ever

Recent statistics support the need for enhanced cyber security awareness. The Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre has observed a 40 per cent year-over-year increase in cybercrime losses, while only a fraction of victims reports these incidents. Globally, more than three billion phishing emails are sent daily. In Canada, more than 94 per cent of the population have access to the Internet, emphasizing the importance of this month's awareness campaign.

Banks are here to help

Banks in Canada take fraud, cyber security and data protection very seriously and are working around the clock to safeguard your money and personal information.

Protecting customer money and data is a fundamental priority for banks. They are recognized for their commitment to fraud prevention and cyber security practices and their strong investments in technology and security measures. Banks also understand they have a role to play in helping to educate Canadians about how to protect themselves from frauds and scams.

Looking for love in all the wrong places

Romance scams are among the most common scams according to the Canadian Anti‑Fraud Centre, costing Canadians more than $50.3 million in losses in 2023.

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